Associate Coordinator

This position is only available to alumni of the Hansen program.

To apply please submit a resume or CV and a cover letter explaining why you want to participate, what you can bring to the management side of the program and how this experience will help you achieve your goals to

The Associate Program Coordinator will:

  • work with internal and external parties to organize the various components needed to initiate, run and conclude events within the program.
  • assist the program coordinator with the overall management of the Hansen Summer Institute.
  • live in the residence halls for the duration of the program and serve as a direct contact and support for the participants.

This position requires excellent communication skills, flexibility, project coordination experience, and the ability to work well with diverse students. The associate program coordinator reports directly to the Assistant Director and works closely with the Program’s Managing Director.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Program Support

  • Provide general support to ensure that all programs and activities run smoothly
  • Attend all group sessions
  • Serve as a contact between the management team and the students
  • Stay in the dorms with students throughout the program

Program Development

  • Attend and participate in staff meetings
  • Contribute to any online professional networking associations for alumni


  • Serve as a liaison with lecturers, organizations, agencies, etc.
  • Put together information folders for students: 1) country files; 2) student essays; 3) individual folders


  • Display appropriate behavior around students, presenters & staff
  • Follow all policies and procedures
  • Demonstrate good judgment
  • Perform miscellaneous tasks as requested by supervisor